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Angels Are Among Us.

Can You See Them?

The Angels Among Us Project

Our Goal As Angel Seekers Is To Find Human Angels And Tell Their Stories.

Angels Are Among Us, Can You See Them?

How to Join The Angels Among Us Project

The Angels Among Us Project is a campaign to seek out human angels and tell their...

Become An Angel Seeker


Become an Angel Seeker

Want to join the Angels Among Us Project? It’s easy! You can become an official Angel...

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Angels Among Us

Read The Stories of Designated “Angels On Earth” by Clicking on The Photos below.

  • Maraion Douglas
    MOMA's House
    Reed Reichert
    Waves of Appreciation
    Cindy Jones
    Two Hearts Horsemanship
    Maggie Josiah
    African Hospitality Institute
    Heather Topolnitsky
    Calgary Humane Society
    Your Angel Here!
    Angel 2
    Your Angel Here! 3
    Angel 3
    Your Angel Here! 4
    Angel 4
  • Your Angel Here! 5
    Angel 5
    Your Angel Here! 6
    Angel 6
    Angel 7
    Angel 7
    Angel 8
    Angel 8
    Angel 9
    Angel 8
    Angel 10
    Angel 10
    Angel 11
    Angel 11
    Angel 12
    Angel 12
  • Angel 13
    Angel 13
    Angel 14
    Angel 14

Angel Seeker

I invite you to become an Angel Seeker. If you know someone you believe is a Human Angel, please nominate them for an “Angel On Earth” Award Using the “Submit Your Angel” Contact Form Located on the bottom panel of this website.

Mr. John Shimer
Angels Among Us Project Founder

The Angels Among Us Project is a Campaign to Uplift The Human Spirit by Shining A Light On The Best of Human Behavior.

Are you an Angel Seeker?

The Angels Among Us Project Invites You To Join This Campaign And See Your Face Here As An Official Angel Seeker

Video Stories

Watch these short videos about Human Angels. Additional stories will be posted soon!

Cindy Jones Human Angel  Maggie Josiah Human Angel  Reed Reichert Human Angel  Maraion Douglas  ;Heather Topolnitsky

Submit Your Angel

Angels are among us. Help Us Find Them! Fill out this form and share your story of a Human Angel. Your submission of an Angel Story Officially qualifies you as an ANGEL SEEKER

Please submit your Angel with the form below.

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(206) 257-2189
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